NetGen Channel | September 2017

Double-Down Your Commissions in 2017
There is no such thing as a “sure-thing” until now. It is a gamble to lay your cards on the table and double your bet, but with NetGen Communications, you can only win. By adding NetGen’s award-winning line of gateways, IP PBXs, and phones to your hand, you are assured that you will have the winning hand, and provide your customers with the telephony solutions that meet their needs.
Through December 31, 2017, NetGen will double the commissions on the sale of any NetGen product based on any new VPA/Reseller agreement. It is that simple. It is time to show your cards, and go “all-in”. Contact Us Now for more information.


Turn an OM20/50 PBX Into a Key System
Well, what’s the difference between a PBX and a key system, anyway?  The essential difference is that the call-routing and switching functions of a key system are controlled by the station users; in a PBX they are controlled by the caller.  For example, a PBX operator (human or automatic) might answer, ask for whom you’re calling, and extend the caller to the requested station.  But with a key system, all the members of the group or firm are simultaneously alerted for inbound calls.  The idea is that someone in the office will go off hook and answer the call by pressing the flashing trunk button.
Key systems are well suited to the small office, or even a home, since an attendant is not required.  Often the users are in the same room.  (I’ll get it.  Mom!  Line four!)  This would not work well for individual offices or a large call center.
But here’s the thing: Our OM20 and OM50 PBXs can be turned into key systems using function keys and routing rules, completely mimicking the functionality of a key system.
Now that’s versatility that you should turn into a big revenue boost depending on your market focus.  Here’s a video demonstration:  YouTube Video.

OM80E and OM200G PBXs Rise Above the Competition
With significant hardware enhancements to the already feature-rich OM PBX series such as increased CPU, RAM and Flash, the OM80E and OM200G offer a cost-effective solution to provide even greater feature/functionality to meet the needs of the medium-sized enterprise location. To read more about the features and benefits of the OM series, Click Here.

Our Advanced IP-Phone Product Line
Great Selection…Great Prices…Great Quality
The NRP1600/P is at the head of the class.  It’s an Android phone with a high-resolution 7-inch screen with video support, and you can add your own applications.  Click Here for more information.
The NRP1014 features four SIP trunks, 28 DSS keys, and a 2.8-inch color screen.  Click Here for more information.
The NRP1002/P supports two SIP trunks, two DSS keys, HD voice, and is PoE enabled.  Click Herefor more information.
The entry-level NRP1000 supports two SIP trunks, HD voice, and many other features you would not expect from a phone that is this affordable.  Click Here for more information.