December 2017

ITEXPO 2018!  Time to Make Your Reservations
Yep, it’s coming up in mid-February and you don’t want to miss the great line-up of speakers and exhibitors.
We are exhibiting our great product line comprised of Smart ATA®, the MX access gateways, the OM PBXs, our SBC, and a boat-load of included software
Come see us and get the latest scoop of the new product line that’s taking the industry by storm.  Click Here for your free exhibition passes.

The NRP Phones in the Global Market
You can see it everywhere. Analysts from ITC, Frost & Sullivan, to QYR are seeing a shrinking market in the SIP/IP desktop phone market, with a shift to soft phones and smart phones. In fact, according to a study conducted by QYR, global revenue of desktop IP phones was valued at $226 billion USD in 2016, and the annual global revenue of desktop IP phones is forecast at $223 billion USD by the end of 2022. And while the predicted annual market is declining slowly, that still leaves a lot of phones every year! The NRP series from NetGen Communications, powered by New Rock Technologies can help you be a large part of that market.

Let’s not forget about the telecommunications cycle that has taken place over the years for businesses. From Centrex to TDM PBXs to IP PBXs to hosted PBXs (similar to Centrex, with advances). And while there is an increase in the adoption of soft phones and smart phones, SIP/IP phones offer benefits that have yet to be matched. The full line of SIP/IP phones from NetGen Communications has been designed to meet the comprehensive needs of your business customer:

  • Voice Quality: With HD voice, the NRP Series exceeds the voice quality, clarity, and reliability of that of soft phones and smart phones.
  • Plug-and-Play: When used in conjunction with the OM Series PBX, all you have to do is connect to the LAN and PBX, and you are ready to start making calls.
  • Feature/Functionality: Business users expect certain features that they have come to rely on through the advancement of telecommunications. The NRP series offers these features, and many more.
  • Exceptional Value: Compared to other IP phones on the market, the NRP series offers the highest-quality construction at the greatest value.
The NRP series is comprised of a complete suite of phones from a basic phone to an Android phone:
  • NRP1000 IP Phone: The NRP1000-P IP Phone is an advanced IP telephone that has a 60x22mm LCD display, and supports 2 SIP lines.
  • NRP1002/P SIP Phone: The NRP1002P SIP phone is an all-new entry level desktop phone, with advanced design and efficient cost performance to greatly improve efficiency.
  • NRP1014/P SIP Phone: The NRP1014 IP Phone is a cost-effective, high-end enterprise desktop phone which comes with intelligent DSS Key-mapping to improve efficiency and productivity of the enterprise users.
  • NRP1600/P SIP Phone: The NRP1600P Android Video VoIP phone provides the complete desk phone with flexible feature-functionality, HD Voice Quality, ease of use
  • NRP2000W SIP Phone: The NRP2000W SIP Phone is a single-SIP account SIP phone designed to meet the needs of the small enterprise
To learn more about the NRP series, or the line of ATAs with SmartFoIP®, gateways, and the OM PBX series, contact us here.

PSTN Access for Asterisk
Digium just announced their G080 8-line access gateway with Switchvox-PBX plug-n-play functionality.  It lists for $895.  As a complementary product for the Asterisk platform, NetGen offers the MX8A series gateways starting at $330.00.
However, instead of plug-n-play, configuration adjustments are required to the PBX and the MX8A using our simple application note, complete with GUI images.  With a couple of parameter tweaks, users have the option of a gateway at a 300% price reduction.
The MX8A is available in several configurations of FXS and FXO ports:
  • 8 FXS
  • 8 FXO
  • 6 FXS/2 FXO
  • 4 FXS/4 FXO
What’s more, the MX8A has our patented Smart FoIP®.  Shoot an e-mail to for your copy of the configuration guide.

Explore the OM20 IP PBX

In a market filled with many PBXs, the OM20

from NetGen Communications has some unexpected features, all-included for only $330 (list price!)

Did you read that right? Yeah, it really is MSRP $330 with healthy discounts available.