NetGen Channel Dec 2016

Visit NetGen at ITEXPO
How They Stack-Up: Benefits of the HX4E and MX8A
Beating Built-In Obsolescence


Visit NetGen at ITEXPO


Join NetGen Communications and New Rock Technologies at ITEXPO East, with special guest Telephony Depot, in booth 513. ITEXPO is the world’s leading business technology trade show, offering education tracks, product displays, and networking with industry leaders.

Who: NetGen Communications, New Rock Technologies, and Telephony Depot
When: February 8-10, 2017
Where: Greater Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
How: Click here to register for educational tracks or for your complimentary pass to attend this exciting event

NetGen will also be unveiling some very big news that you will definitely want to know about! This announcement will detail added benefits offered by the NetGen product line to you and your customers. You do not want to miss this, because the effects are “broad reaching”!

At this three-day exhibition, you can see the how the following products will make valuable additions to your portfolio:

  • 2-4 port HX4E ATAs
  • 2-120 port MX gateways
  • OM series IP PBXs
  • WROC series IP/wireless PBXs
  • NRP IP phones

Product Overview

How They Stack-Up: Benefits of the HX4E and MX8A

In the coming editions of the NetGen Channel, we will look at products in the NetGen portfolio, and discuss key benefits they offer over the competition. The ultimate goal, of course, is provide your customer a complete solution that meets their specific needs at the best price. Adding the NetGen products to what you already offer ensures that you will be able to customize your proposal, and win the deal.

The first products we will look at in this series are the HX4E ATA and the MX8A gateway. These products are designed to meet the needs of an organization that desires to connect between 2 and 8 legacy analog devices to their IP infrastructure. Here are a few key benefits:

Complete Analog ATA/Gateway

While NetGen promotes the advanced fax capabilities of Smart FoIP®, as discussed in the next section, it is important to note that the HX4E and the MX8A provide analog connectivity for voice and data as well. So, whether it is for analog phones, fax, POS terminals, or alarm systems, the HX4E and MX8A will meet your needs.


Smart FoIPAlthough we are in the second decade of the twenty-first century, fax machines do exist. That sends shivers down the spines of many! In fact, some industries such as healthcare, finance, and legal use faxes as a key component of day-to-day activities. Many channel partners have given up and either say, “Keep your POTS lines!” or “store-and-forward” or just settle for a plain ATA/gateway, accepting its inherent FoIP problems.

Fax was designed to meet the various challenges of the PSTN, but Fax over IP (FoIP) is a different beast, and must adapt to the transmission protocols that IP utilizes. No other solution available is designed to meet the challenges presented by FoIP like patented Smart FoIP (US Patent 9,094,419), which is available on all HX and MX8A models, as well as the OM20 and OM50 PBXs. By eliminating the top-two problems with FoIP; the late T.38 re-invite and the G.711 clock-synchronization problem, Smart FoIP provides near-PSTN success rates. Moreover, we are busy developing the next-generation FoIP. It will make the whole industry happy.

Read more about Smart FoIP…

Flexible Configurability

It is safe to say that nearly all customer applications are different. While there are many similarities, the best solution is always one that is dovetailed to meet the customer’s specific needs. The flexibility of the HX4E and the MX8A models lies in the ability to select the FXO/FXS port configuration your customer’s application requires. The HX4E can be configured with 0, 2, or 4 FXS ports, and 0,1,2, or 4 FXO ports, with a maximum of 4 ports. The MX8A can be figured with up to 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 FXS or FXO ports, with a maximum of 8 total ports. This allows you to “right-size” for the right price.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Let’s be honest, if you have two analog devices, and fax is not that important to you, then the HX4E may be overkill. It has never been intended to be the replacement for those cheap one-port devices. But, while we are on the subject, have you ever looked at the cost of ownership by putting one of those devices in and maintaining it over the years? Let’s say “the cheap device” costs $30 less. While it may seem like a slam dunk, the customer has it installed, and a few minutes later they are calling because they are not getting their faxes half of the time. That translates to almost 180 minutes a year in support calls. Assuming that you have someone else to handle those calls, that is $60 in salary cost for that person to help make it work. And if that is you, then we are talking opportunity cost. Either way, Smart ATA saves you over those cheap units.

The next challenger is “Just keep your POTS line”. That can be anywhere from $15 – $50 a month for the line, PLUS the usage per minute. Quick math tells you the ROI on Smart FoIP is two months at most.

And finally, we come to store-and-forward (hosted fax solutions). First, let’s agree, they work well. You send or receive the document over a secure connection to your provider’s server, where they send it as a .pdf or fax it out over the PSTN. Seems simple enough, right? So, for $19.95 a month for up to 5 users, plus $.07 per minute over a certain number of faxes, there you go… and four months later, you are still paying for that… and a year later, etc. Whether you have an HX4E or an MX8A, after a few months, store-and-forward is much more expensive, and will never come close.

So, it is clearly evident that Smart FoIP is the most cost-effective solution with the lowest TCO.

In this brief article, we have provided you with the sales proposition and the justification to the most common objections. What is even better, there are still more benefits. Do you want to see for yourself? Click here to learn more about the HX4E or the MX8A.

Beating Built-In Obsolescence

Don’t you just hate it when you buy the latest and greatest cell phone, and a week later, they release the “new and improved” model? So, there you are, stuck with last year’s model, and it isn’t even last year!

Well, at NetGen Communications, we know how you and your customers feel, so we have eliminated built-in obsolescence! When you purchase the model that meets your needs, you can keep your model up-to-date as new feature/functionality is released!
Simply visit the NetGen Support Wiki, find your product, and download the latest features and enhancements. You can do this any time there is an update. This will ensure that your product is the latest and greatest.  Even better, it is all free!

For example, in the latest MX gateway update, applicable for the HX4E, MX8A, and MX60, you will find the following enhancements:

  • Utilize the IMG file to upgrade the Kernel through Web GUI
  • SIP TLS and SRTP support
  • Supports voice VLAN
  • G.722 codec

NetGen will be announcing future enhancements soon, so make sure you keep an eye out. Click here to log-in, or create your username and password for the NetGen Support Wiki.