NetGen Channel Newsletter October 2016

Telephony Depot Embraces NetGen
Contact Center for OM20 and OM50

OM’s Skype Connect™ Feature
Maynard Group Touts NetGen
NetGen YoubiquITy the Cover Article for IP Telephony
TelecomReseller Interviews NetGen CEO, Mike Coffee


Telephony Depot Embraces NetGen

Okay, the gloves are off. Telephony Depot now carries the NetGen product line powered by New Rock Technologies’ gateways and PBXs. They also carry Grandstream. Grandstream, with its aggressive pricing has captured significant market share. And if the truth be known, many of our customers use our Smart ATA® for fax to take advantage of Smart FoIP® and Grandstream for voice due to the price differential. So we decided to match their UCM62xx on price with our OM20 and OM50 PBXs, and slug it out on features, reliability, performance, and support.

When it comes to support, what is our over-the-top no-charge support worth?  Take it for a test drive; buy one of our Smart ATAs and watch us do our thing.  Go to and buy one. You’ll see the difference.

Speaking of differentiating the OM IP PBX series, the following applications which are included in the pricing, are only available at additional cost from competitive offerings:

  • Neehau Contact Center
  • Skype Connect™
  • WeWei Softphone
  • Telegreeting
  • Recording Agent
  • CDR Software
  • (IP) Finder

The next two articles detail some of these applications.

Contact Center for OM20 and OM50

Nehau Logo

There’s nothing like a good application story to bring the opportunities offered by a product into sharp focus. We’ve pointed out that our OM20 and OM50 PBXs include several no-charge applications that extend the functionality of these products: WeWei softphone, recording, CDR, the Neehau phone assistant and contact center. “A no-charge contact center, you exclaim? How good could that be”? It can be great for our channel partners and users.

Here’s an example of a recently delivered application:

The customer is a small insurance company with 20 call-center agents. Inbound calls are delivered to the agents in round-robin fashion. Repeat callers are delivered to the agent that previously assisted them.  After-hours calls are routed to a mobile number. The manager can search, review, and export call recordings and agent statistics. This solution is deployed with the OM50 and the Neehau no-charge contact-center management.  If you have a small contact center, and would like to learn more, please click here.

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OM’s Skype Connect™ Feature

Skype Connect™ provides connectivity between your OM PBX and the Skype community. By adding Skype Connect to your OM SIP-enabled PBX, your business can save on communication

With Skype Connect, you can make and receive Skype calls using your desk phones. Customers can also contact your business for free by using Skype through Skype buttons, by calling the Skype business accounts associated with your SIP-enabled PBX, and by dialing any Skype Numbers you may have purchased.  You can add a Skpe Button to your Website and visitors can call you on your OM PBX with just one click.

Maynard Group Touts NetGen

The Maynard Group provides telecommunications services for businesses. According to Dean Maynard, president, “We have grown to support over 3,000 customers in the last 26 years. Many of them want to move to Cloud phone services but would like to keep the premises equipment that they purchased from us years ago. We chose NetGen as our partner to provide gateways that allow us to connect our customers’ existing phones to Cloud VoIP service through the Internet. We like NetGen because of their expert, caring and dedicated support. They are quick to respond and assist with custom integrations, fax optimizations, repairs and questions. Having a dependable partner equals better support that we can provide to our users. NetGen has been fantastic.”

– Dean Maynard, President

Learn more at

NetGen YoubiquITy the Cover Article for IP Telephony

“NetGen Communications, Inc. is now armed with a broad portfolio of business-communications solutions designed to help ITSPs and channel partners meet the needs of small-and-medium businesses more affordably and effectively. It provides management capabilities across the entire product line. And, being relatively new to the market, NetGen is looking for additional channel partners to bring its products to market.

‘The company’s relationship with New Rock Technologies Inc. has been pivotal in arming the company with an extremely competitively priced, field-proven line of access and trunking gateways, ATAs, management capabilities, PBXs and wireless PBXs, and session border controllers,’ said NetGen’s CEO, Mike Coffee.

NetGen Communications has become the exclusive North American distributor of New Rock Technologies’ products, Coffee noted, adding that the Shangai, China-based company’s founder and CEO Hua Lin is on NetGen’s board of directors.

That’s the way the article begins. We hope you read the entire article, beautifully written by Paula Bernier.   Check it out here.

TelecomReseller Interviews NetGen CEO, Mike Coffee

Are you a TelecomReseller subscriber? It’s a great way to keep up with our industry. Mike Coffee and NetGen are featured in an interesting article highlighting YoubiquITy, and the rest of the NetGen product line.  To read the article/hear the interview, Click here.