NetGen Channel September 2018

Channel Success Stories
Businesses are consolidating all communications onto IP networks, including analog phones, alarm systems, and POS terminals.   Who wants to deal with multiple network technologies and contacts including the local telco, IP provider, or equipment manufacturer to manage the install or resolve a problem?  Here are two examples of channel partners that have solved their customers’ problems and are reaping success with NetGen.
Telephony Depot
Founded in 2006, Telephony Depot , an operating division of iFAX Solutions, based in Norristown, PA, provides a complete line of telecommunications equipment by pairing with only the finest manufacturers, resulting in being recognized as one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine. A valued partner, Telephony Depot has been successful in introducing Smart ATA to its customer base through its website, and direct customer contact.  “We have found Smart ATA7® and NetGen, to be valuable for reducing our support costs, improving customer satisfaction, and making fax over IP work”, said Telephony Depot CEO Darren Nickerson.

As the leading distribution partner in the NetGen Channel, Telephony Depot offers streamlined on-boarding for quick go-to-market results, and utilizes the necessary support materials available through the NetGen Channel portal, sales support, and marketing activities.
Huntington Beach, CA-based WiLogic, founded in 2002, is a provider of telecommunications and internet services, including high-speed internet IP phone systems to VoIP phone service. WiLogic offers a complete line of phone equipment and top-tier customer service.
Wilogic also provides wiring services to set up new offices or perform tenant improvements to deliver fiber to entire buildings. Internet and phone service fail-overs and backups keep businesses running when others experience outages.
As a valuable NetGen partner, WiLogic has utilized the Smart ATA to meet the analog-to-IP needs of its customers. Jeff Rhue, CTO at WiLogic says, “When we found and started using NetGen’s Smart ATA we were able to double the success rates of our T38 faxing. We now use Smart ATA exclusively whenever we have a customer that needs to plug their fax machine in.”
To learn how you can become a NetGen Channel distributor or reseller, please contact Director, Channel Marketing, John Sennott at 770-407-6032 or email him at


More Than FoIP
Although Smart ATA is best known for making fax over IP work with the patented Smart FoIP®, it is a true Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), capable of supporting any legacy analog terminal, eliminating the need for POTS lines, reducing costs, and simplifying management of the network.
While Smart ATA is primarily “plug-and-play”, it sometimes needs minor tweaks to configure it for your particular environment or applications.  For example, a customer with a fire panel experienced lines dropping shortly after connecting.  However, a simple modification that set the hook debouncing value to max value solved this problem. You can find these solutions, and more at

However, if you need assistance, you can submit a trouble ticket at


Offer Hosted Fax Services and More
With BladeWare and SIPfaxEngine, NetGen Communications offers everything you need to offer hosted fax services, such as e-mail-to-fax and fax-to-e-mail (E2F and F2E). We don’t offer fax as a service, but we have BladeWare OEMs that do.
BladeWare F2E and E2F are ready-to-deploy applications written by our engineers to take advantage of the BladeWare robust low-cost telephony platform that’s economical from a few ports to thousands.

Then there’s BladeWare Fax Media Server (FMS), which many of our UC customers use in IP Multi-media Subsystem (IMS) service networks. The attraction of BladeWare FMS is that all application software resides on your application server, leaving the job of sending and receiving faxes to FMS, which is, essentially, a dumb appliance commanded by the application server via the MSCML protocol.

And if your requirements call for a proprietary application on a great platform, BladeWare offers C, C++, and C# APIs on Windows and Linux versions. However, if your urge to roll your own extends beyond the application to include the server, or you already have a server but need to add support for fax, then SIPfaxEngine from Commetrex is for you.
None of the above? Check with us to see if there is a good match between your requirements and any of our OEM’s products.  Contact us now to learn more.