NetGen Channel Newsletter December 2014

Smart ATA®

Smart ATA has earned a reputation as a high-function voice-fax ATA that has eliminated the two most-common fax-failure modes with Smart FoIP®. And we are now outdoing ourselves by taking Smart ATA, and now the MX8A gateway, to an even higher level of functionality. We are giving these two products, which share a common platform, a hardware make-over that nearly doubles their processing resources, supporting the addition of a host of valuable features and channel capacity. Of course, Smart FoIP is included to guarantee the highest possible FoIP performance.

Here’s the before and after specs on the hardware:

Item Before After
CPU 400-MHz ARM 700 MHz
RAM 32-MB, 16-bit, 100-MHz, SDRAM 128-MB, 16-bit, 233-MHz, DDR2
Flash 38MB, SPI 16MB, SPI
Ethernet WAN/PC ports in switch mode Router / Bridge / Switch

These resources—those of a respectable PC not too long ago–support 8 simultaneous V.29a/b vocoders or V.34 fax receivers. This hardware platform also meets the resource requirements of two new IP PBX products, the OM20 and OM50, which we will introduce next quarter.

Smart ATA has now been in the market for over two years, so we’ve had plenty of feedback of desired features. The problem was, we couldn’t get all of them onto the device at one time. Now we can. Here’s a teaser list:

  • Smart FoIP (now on MX8A)
  • T.38 V3 with V.34 (now on MX8A)
  • SIP over TCP (Hello, Lync)
  • SSH
  • High availability and load balancing
  • VLAN tagging for voice and TR069
  • Country profiles (support local parameters)
  • Adaptation to multiple caller ID standards
  • Higher ringing voltage
  • Multi-Level IVR
  • IPv6
  • VPN
  • RFC6913
  • Configuration via Option 66
  • T.38 over RTP/SRTP

If you can find a better ATA or gateway at 8-or-fewer ports, buy it. Can’t find one? Give us a call at 770-449-7704 or email