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NetGen Channel Newsletter September 2018

Channel Success Stories
More Than FoIP
Offer Hosted Fax Services and More

NetGen Channel Newsletter May 2018

Grand Dial Communications and YoubiquITy Cloud
Farewell, POTS!
Flexibility in MX Gateways
RF 6913

NetGen Channel Newsletter December 2017



NetGen Channel Newsletter September 2017

Double-Down Your Commissions in 2017
Turn an OM20/OM50 PBX Into a Key System
OM80E PBX Rises Above the Competition
Our Advanced IP-Phone Product Line

NetGen Channel Newsletter June 2017 Officially Certifies NetGen Smart ATAs
The OM PBX API and You
What’s Inside the OM PBXs
A PBX of Staggering Proportions

NetGen Channel Newsletter April 2017

Your Wait is Over; Release 351 is Here
A System of Staggering Proportions
More Than One Kind of Support
Distributor, Reseller, and Agent Opportunities

NetGen Channel Newsletter December 2016

Visit NetGen at ITEXPO
How They Stack-Up: Benefits of the HX4E and MX8A
Beating Built-In Obsolescence

NetGen Channel Newsletter October 2016

Telephony Depot Embraces NetGen
Contact Center for OM20 and OM50
OM’s Skype Connect™ Feature
Maynard Group Touts NetGen
Telecom Reseller Covers NetGen

NetGen Channel Newsletter July 2016

Introducing YoubiquITy From NetGen For Remote Management Over the Cloud!
Neehau Business Phone Assistant
BYOD With WeWei Softphone App

NetGen Channel Newsletter March 2016

Let’s Get Ready to Bundle
MX120 Keeps Getting Better
Connecting With Asterisk
Neehau Contact Management App
WeWei Softphone App

NetGen Channel Newsletter January 2016

Application Software Powers Channel Sales: And They Are Free!
Last Chance! Take the NetGen State of the Union: Telecom 2016 Survey
Complimentary Passes to ITEXPO
OM Series All-in-One IP-PBX
This is big…really big! OM Pricing

NetGen Channel Newsletter November 2015

NetGen Surveys the State of the Union: Telecom 2016
There are “Gateways” and There are Gateways
So, Tell Us About New Rock
What About the Alarm System
DSPs vs RISC…Does it Matter?

NetGen Channel Newsletter September 2015

Introducing BladeWare Trident
MX Gateways…The Value Leader
Revised Results on the Cisco SPA112 Testing
ITEXPO West 2015

NetGen Channel Newsletter June 2015

The Results are In! Smart FoIP® Does the Job
How Does GrandStream Handle Late T.38 reINVITEs?
We’ve Tried to Explain the Technology Behind Smart FoIP®
Channel Portal

NetGen Channel Newsletter April 2015

New Rock’s Cloud Services…Coming Soon
Laissez-faire or Deliberate Routing?
Is Smart ATA® Similar to FaxBack or FAXXBOCHS?

NetGen Channel Newsletter February 2015

WROC, REST, and the Long Tail
At Last! A Trunking Gateway From NetGen!
Now…More Products with Smart FoIP®
WROC2000 Wins Best of Show at ITEXPO Miami

NetGen Channel Newsletter December 2014

Smart ATA®

NetGen Channel Newsletter September 2014

Where Does the MX Series Fit Into the Industry?
What Does Extreme Support Look Like?
RFC 6913 Support Now in Smart ATA
FaxTap NG’s NSF/NSS Support

NetGen Channel Newsletter June 2014

Introducing the NetGen-New Rock Team…
Come See WROC at ITEXPO in August
Introducing the MX60
REST…OK, What is REST?
It’s Time to Implement RFC 6913

NetGen Channel Newsletter April 2014

The Telephony Channel and the Long Tail
Coming Soon to Smart ATA®
Are you a VAR/Reseller/Solution Provider/MSP?