NetGen Channel Newsletter July 2016

Introducing YoubiquITy From NetGen For Remote Management Over the Cloud!
Neehau Business Phone Assistant
BYOD With WeWei Softphone App
Join NetGen at Channel Partners Evolution

Introducing YoubiquITy From NetGen For Remote Management Over the Cloud!

Youbiquity RevisedWe are proud to announce YoubiquITy from NetGen Communications, powered by New Rock Technologies.  With the immediate availability of YoubiquITy, an extensible cloud-based infrastructure that provides customers with a comprehensive remote-management facility: EMS, analytics, alarms, and even proprietary applications developed by the service provider or the channel using our RESTful API, which is included with all New Rock PBXs.

This advanced cloud-based infrastructure is just waiting on you.

Did we mention that the YoubiquITy and the API are included at no charge?  Think of YoubiquITy as a major functional extension of the MX gateways, Smart ATA®, OM and WROC PBXs.  The API is available on the for the entirety of our telecommunications product line.

So, what does YoubiquITy do for you?  It enables you, as the NetGen channel partner, to turn telecom deployments into managed services.  It virtually eliminates truck rolls and shortens the time-to-resolution for trouble tickets. It also allows you to deploy, monitor, and manage all your devices. YoubiquITy puts the service tech virtually on site.  And what else?

  • Remote configuration
  • Versioning and firmware updates
  • Remote maintenance (You/we can collect logs and much more)
  • Device status
  • Line-registration status
  • Traffic-flow analysis
  • E-mail-based error alarms
  • Information: software version, running time, etc.
  • Tie-trunks between NATed devices (nice for multi-location PBX installs)
  • Access anywhere

YoubquITY Diagram4

June 2016 2

YoubiquITy puts your deployed CPE at your fingertips.  Click Here for more information.

Neehau Business Phone Assistant

The Neehau Business Phone Assistant, a no-charge software extension, included with the Nehau Logo

New Rock WROC and OM office-communications systems, for the first time, gives the SME the tools needed to make every employee that speaks with customers members of a company-wide virtual call center.  But Neehau was deliberately designed to scale down to the individual user, who can easily access their contact list, dial out, make and listen to call recordings, and make and check call histories and notes.

Managers can dynamically access call records of sales or service agents, obtaining first-hand updates on key business accounts, while agents can improve their productivity thanks to Neehau’s voice-communications and real-time information management.


  • Pop-up Incoming Call Notification: The incoming-caller information on a pop-up enables you to make a real-time decision on how to deal with each call. The available options include one-click call pickup, call transfer, or call reject.
  • Contact List Management: Conveniently add, modify, delete, or share customer information, combined with bulk import/export capabilities.
  • Click to Call: By simply clicking the button next to the name on the contact list, you can make an immediate call to your customer. The contact list also includes an efficient search function.
  • Call Recordings and Call Histories: Nehau includes quick search for call histories, and one-click recording playback.  Click Here for more information.

BYOD With WeWei Softphone App

WeWei is a VoIP softphone specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the WROC and OM PBXs. WeWeiInstalled on any smartphone, WeWei is used as a BYOD extension, with two supported modes for accessing the WROC or OM PBX in order to place a call via a SIP trunk or a CO trunk.

  • Internet Access: Register with the system as a SIP extension when internet access is available. The WeWei-equipped phone then becomes a regular extension.
  • PSTN Access: In this mode, upon selecting a contact from the list, a preset CO trunk number of the PBX is dialed-out automatically by WeWei through the mobile phone network.
  • Private call: You can directly place a private call with no need to switch to your cellphone dial-pad.
  • Conference call and call transfer: You can easily invite up to five parties to join a conference call, or transfer a call to another extension or third party.
  • Auto configuration download:  You do not have to manually configure the soft-phone. By entering your PIN on WeWei in your office Wi-Fi network, the configuration of the soft-phone will be downloaded from the system in the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Support three SIP accounts: You can select the one you want to use at any time.
How to Download
  • Android: Android® Market
  • iPhone: Apple Store

Click Here for more information.

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