NetGen Channel Newsletter March 2016

Let’s Get Ready to Bundle
MX120 Keeps Getting Better
Connecting With Asterisk
Neehau Contact Management App
WeWei Softphone App

Let’s Get Ready to Bundle

Come see NetGen Communications at the Channel Partners Conference and Expo (Booth 769) at the Venetian & Sands Expo Center March 16-18th, in Las Vegas, NV to learn about the release of complete telecommunications bundles that combine PBXs, phones, and Smart FoIP® that make targeting SOHO, small, and medium-sized businesses simple and cost-effective.  These bundles truly make it easier to meet the needs of your customers by combining your networking offerings and phone solutions in one simplified package.  Click here to learn more…

MX120 Keeps Getting Better

The MX120 gateway is being discontinued due to the release of the MX120G, with improvements in hardware, performance, interoperability, and price.

Both of these versions support up to 96 FXs or FXO ports in several combinations, with simultaneous-call capacities of 24, 48, 72, and 96 calls. But the MX120G has several advanced features such as hot-swappable interface cards and dual power supplies.  Orders for 30 units or more MX120s will not be accepted after March 30, and no orders at all will be accepted after May 30. Support, of course, will continue. Orders for the new MX120G will be accepted in April.
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2016 Sale

Connecting With Asterisk

The PSTN Interface Boards…Say Buh-Bye.

Well, we hate to say this, but PSTN add-in interface boards are no longer economically viable for HMP servers and PBXs. IP gateways are now much more affordable, configurable, and maintainable. NetGen’s MX gateways have MSRP prices of nominally $40 per FXO. For example, the 8-port MX8A-FXO lists for $330; an 8-line PCI board is nominally $700. Quantity discounts, of course, are available for our gateways.

But, PSTN Interface boards don’t do the same thing; the gateway does much more. They are three-way routers, enabling you to use the 500-routing-rule capacity of the units to move calls between station, office, and IP connections. Interoffice routing is a breeze. Multiple codecs are normalized by the gateways to deliver G.711 only to the PBX or server; hardware transcoders for G.729 are no longer needed.

And get this: All of these gateways support T.38, and many support T.38 version 3 with V.34 with our patented Smart FoIP®. Amazing value!

To make things even easier for you to take advantage of this we’ve developed application notes on how to configure the MX and the Asterisk to play nicely together in three different scenarios. Here’s an example:

Asterisk Diagram 0316

Description: The MX gateway and the server are on the same  LAN.  PSTN lines are connected to the MX FXO gateway.  A static IP address is set on the gateway.


—— Add routing rules on Routing -> Routing table interface on the gateway.

IP  X  ROUTE  FXO  1-4/R

All calls from Asterisk will be sent to PSTN via FXO ports.

—— Edit extensions.conf file on Asterisk server as follows:


Exten   =>_9x,1,Dial(sip/${EXTEN:1}@

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Neehau Contact Management App

Best we can figure, “Neehau” is a Chinese telephone greeting that is probably close to “hello”. But more to Nehau Logothe point, Neehau is a free telephone-productivity application developed by New Rock that you install on your PC. Neehau works seamlessly with our WROC 2000, 3000, and OM phone systems. 

Neehau provides comprehensive contact list management, including one-click access, import/export, and automatic dialing.  You can also easily check your voice mail and call recordings.  Additionally, Neehau utilizes  pop-ups for incoming calls, offering one-click pick-up, transfer, or reject.

Real-time customer-information management is enhanced by allowing group managers to dynamically access call records of sales or service-agents, and acquire first-hand updates on key business accounts, while agents can improve their efficiency thanks to NeeHau’s combination of voice communications .  Contact US to Learn More

WeWei Softphone App

WeWei is the name of a terrific no-charge soft-phone offered by New Rock Technologies and NetGen Communications. You can use it with any SIP service with which you can register, but it’s especially easy to use with our WROC and OM telephone systems.
• Register with your PBX if you have internet access.WeWei
• WeWei supports three different SIP accounts
• Use your smart-phone service to call a preset number on the PBX, which can give you DISA functionality.
• Invite five additional colleagues to join your voice conference.
• Auto-configure WeWei by entering your assigned PIN while connected to your office Wi-Fi network.
This is just a sample of the WeWei’s cool features. But for a little fun, see if you can guess whose very fetching lips are on the WeWei logo.  Download now from the Apple Store, Android Market, or contact us now.