NetGen Channel Newsletter January 2016

Application Software Powers Channel Sales, And It’s Free!
Last Chance!  Take the NetGen State of the Union: Telecom 2016 Survey
Complimentary Passes to ITEXPO
OM Series All-in-One IP-PBX
This is big…really big!  OM Pricing
Smart FoIP® is on the Move

Application Software Powers Channel Sales, And It’s Free!

Often, the key to closing an order is that special something your prospect is looking for or just excited by. NetGen is now offering several way-cool applications for use with our gateways, PBXs, and phones. Here’s the line-up:

  • Neehau business-phone assistant
  • WeWei softphone
  • Telegreeing audio-file tool
  • Recording Agent
  • Finder obtains the IP address of all NetGen/New Rock products on a LAN
  • CDR is a classic CDR application for the WROC and OM PBXs

Nehau LogoNeeHau Business Phone Assistant is a PC-based software tool that improves the voice-communications productivity of users of the OM and WROC phone systems by providing highly efficient easy-to-use call-management features. Although NeeHau is designed to address a wide range of applications, it is easy to install, eliminating the need for help-desk intervention.

With just one click, users can easily access their contact list and dial out, listen to call recordings, and check call histories and notes. Business managers can dynamically access call records of sales or services and acquire a first-hand update on key business accounts while agents can improve their efficiency thanks to NeeHau’s combination of voice communications and real-time customer-information management.

WeWeiWeWei is a VoIP softphone specifically designed to achieve the reliability that a business telephone requires and the rich features of a softphone. Installed on a smartphone, WeWei is used as an external extension. Two modes are supported to access the business telephone system: using SIP to register with the SIP server or using DISA (Direct Inward System Access) to access the system through a CO line or SIP trunk.

TelegreetingTelegreeting is an audio-file conversion tool that runs on Windows and helps users convert customized greetings or color ringback tone (CRBT) files in MP3 or WAV format to WAV files (mono, sampling rate 8 kHz, 16-bit audio signals) for OM/WROC/MX ( only CRBT files for MX ) use.

Arrow Triangle

New Rock’s OM recording agent runs on Windows & Linux. It collects recording files generated by the OM PBX and stores them in MP3 format in corresponding directories.


Finder Logo

Finder is a PC-based app for obtaining the IP address of New Rock products, especially FXO devices, in a LAN environment.


CDRThe CDR application is a Windows-based recording-management package that collects call records from the OM/WROC PBXs as .txt files to an external server, such as your PC, for storage and easy retrieval. The call records can be viewed and managed under the corresponding directory.


To learn more about these exciting products, please contact us at 770-449-7704, Option 1.


Last Chance!  Take the NetGen State of the Union: Telecom 2016 Survey

NetGen Communications, Inc. today announced that it is conducting a survey of telecom-industry participants to forecast the state of the service-provider and channel market in 2016. The survey, “State of the Union: Telecom Survey 2016”, which takes two minutes to complete, available on-line at Participate and enter for a chance to win a $50 Starbucks Gift Card!  This survey will forecast the industry focus for 2016.


Complimentary Passes to ITEXPO Jan 26-28th, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

NetGen Communications invites you to visit us at ITEXPO January 26-28th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, booth 234.  Here you can see the entire suite of ATAs, gateways, IP PBXs, and IP phones available to the enterprise customer, or to be included in the portfolio of agents, resellers, ITSPs and partners.  ExpoPlus passes include access to the exhibit hall, keynotes, free workshops, and free networking events. Click Here for your free ExpoPlus passes.


OM Series All-in-One IP-PBX

OM is an all-in-one converged communication system for small and mid-size offices. With built-in analog phone interfaces, CO-line interfaces, SIP trunks and SIP-client registration functionality, OM supports traditional and converged voice networks and terminals. With a capacity of up to 512 SIP terminals on the OM500, the OM series supports remote extensions, allowing employees to communicate with customers and team members at home or on the road.

OM Diagram

OM Chart

  • Advantages
  • Converging wire-line, wireless, and IP communications
  • An exceptionally affordable telephony system for the SMB market
  • Rich feature set exceeding that of high-end systems
  • Easy-to-install, manage and use
  • Mobile extensions, click-to-dial, and call recording
  • Headquarters and branch-office communications through SIP-based tie trunks

OM Products Chart

Cost-effective solution
By providing built-in FXS ports, OM allows customers to keep their existing phones, avoiding spending big money on new IP phones and network wiring.

Rich features
OM combines SIP trunk, SIP client, interfaces to legacy telephones, and the PSTN, as well as dozens of user features such as click-to-dial on contact list, mobile extension, BLF, recording, and much more.

Easy-to-install and maintain
OM provides a Web console for easy configuration, log collection, and firmware upgrades.

PSTN failover
OM can redirect calls to central-office trunks in the event of power or network failure.

Always connected with your customers
With features such as remote extension, call forking to mobile phone, call back, etc, you can stay in touch with customers no matter where you are.

Key Features:  Auto-attendant, customizable IVR, mobile extension, video call, call recording, 3-way calling, queuing, soft console, DID, caller ID, call restriction, call waiting, call forking, call forward, color-ringback tone, do not disturb, distinctive ringing, call pick up, intercom, white list / black list, speed dial, hot line, barge, call back on busy, call transfer to outside, DISA, FoIP, plug-and-play for IP phone, HTTP/HTTPS, Internal USB flash drive, auto provision, intrusion prevention

To learn more about the OM Series, Click Here 


This is big…really big!  OM Pricing

We now have OM20s and OM50s in stock. The OM all-in-one series of IP PBXs is complemented by the WROC2000 and WROC3000 all-in-one wireless PBXs. By all-in-one we mean that from a feature standpoint, these PBXs have it all (perhaps not the kitchen sink). Moreover, the OM20s and 50s are equipped with Smart FoIP®, so when you put a legacy fax terminal behind these two members of the OM family, you get the unrivaled FoIP performance of our Smart ATA®.

Here are example MSRP prices (varies based on configuration):

OM Pricing

And very-high margin distributor pricing is available.

Want phones with that? How about this?

Phones Pricing

To learn how to order the OM Series, Click Here

Smart FoIP® is on the Move

As you may know (especially if you are a Smart ATA® user), the Smart FoIP patent brings the success rate of FoIP up to nearly that of PSTN fax. You may also know that NetGen is introducing much more of the New Rock Technologies product line to the North American market at the upcoming ITEXPO. All of this begs the question of whether Smart FoIP will find its way into more of the product line.

The answer is an emphatic yes!

In addition to Smart ATA, Smart FoIP is now shipping in the MX8A, 8-line (FXO/FXS) gateway, and the recently introduced OM20 and OM50 PBXs for 20 and 50 subscribers. This means your customers can skip the cost of a Smart ATA if they take advantage of the OM20 at an MSRP of $330 or the OM50 at $580.


Interested? Come see all of this at our ITEXPO booth #234.